Kai Denise White aka KDee was born June 15, 1988 in Carson, CA. Her exquisite, exotic look comes from a combination of black, white an Thai. With her success coming so rapidly, KDee has not always had the support of her family. Certainly enough, it was her elementary school teachers who noticed she had real gift inside of her. Soon after there discovery, the young singer was asked to sing the "Star Spangled Banner" at different classrooms. After elementary Kdee moved to Texas. Being down south and singing her church's choir , she began to grow into a talented singer/songwriter. A bass player from the choir saw her potential and began to professional record her in his studio. The stage name Kdee was merely a nickname an ex-boyfriend referred to her as, it was catchy so it stuck. Through her music, Kdee is able to describe her own personal life situations. There is no limit to what Kdee can do with her meaningful lyrics.

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