Priding himself on using his environment as inspiration to explode his views and experiences through lyrics and music with a positive outlook. Watts CA native, Izova The Khemist has cooked up a tasteful remedy to provide Hip Hop with a new dose of what he calls "The Fix," something that is craved or desired. While Izova believes that music is just that, his goal is to deliver substance, lyricism, and authenticity within lifestyle, “The Fix”. As an artist and person, Izova lives by what he relevantly defines as “Fixed Living," A determination of where and what your vision is, creating the life to lead to it. " Use your struggle and adversities as no excuse to give up" says The Khemist, instead izova used them as fuel to create opportunity and become an inspiration to not only his family and friends, but to the community he loved so much. Talent combined with ambition and amazing work ethic, Izova represents individuality in Hip Hop and is ready to take the industry by storm.

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  1. I always appreciate your support. Big things coming for us in the future. izovamusic.com