Stay Blunted #Hooliganz or better known as SB #Hooliganz not only represent the culture of hip hop, but a movement of a lifestyle in which each individual goes through in the every day life. Emcee Trew Uno, DJ ToeKnee K, producer/engineer J L.A. have shared the stage with many of todays hip hop artist like RZA (Wu Tang Clan), Phife Dawg (Tribe Called Quest), Pac Div, Blu, KRS One, Bambu, Reef The Lost Cauze, Apa- thy and other artist as well. After the release of Trew Uno’s “Adventures at the Al Sparq”, SB #Hooliganz followed up with Trew Uno’s debut album “After The Pain Comes Laughter” in 2012. With the success of the album, the crew continued to make music independetly. Releasing projects through their independent website sbhooliganz.com. SB #Hooliganz have built a circuit of followers; not only opening for acts mentioned before, but by also performing in well know successful Los Angeles venues like The Roxy, Viper Room, Key Club, and other local venues. SB #Hooliganz have been suc- cessful on the road and have performed in Las Vegas, Nevada and out side of the Los Angeles area like Vista, California. They continue to work and have started the next project, “Life With Lui”. SB #Hooliganz goal is to reach a world wide platform of followers and keep creating music for their fans to enjoy and spread

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