#NewAlbum @RIO_HLN and @CalvinValentine "Trying To Be Human"

RIO (Rap's Instant Obsession) just released his album "Trying To Be Human" a few days ago. If you don't already know, RIO is a Chicago rapper who worked with up-and-coming producer G_Force (produced for Juicy J, Bun B, and Devin the Dude) to create this album. TTBH displays RIO's well-rounded conceptual acumen and influences from growing up in the Windy City, and his experiences interacting with its local hip-hop scene and those who come with it. With G_Force laying a sound bed, this allows the ebb and flow of the project to truly envelope the listener into what RIO has known to become his world...a cultured and well-traveled lifestyle from afar transposed into a trying and consequential reality on the ground. If you're looking for something thats refreshing and dope, RIO's album is definitely something worth checking out. The mix of RIO's relatable subject matter and G_Force's trippy production definitely makes for an enjoyable listen.

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